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Personal Safety Options

Personal Safety Options -- Your Safety Is About YOU!

Taking charge of your own safety can mean many things. It starts with awareness, and an understanding of how a criminal thinks. Avoidance is the first step in staying safe. But some things are "unavoidable". If that happens, how would you handle it?

3 Steps To Staying SAFE


The first step in surviving a violent encounter is to prepare. This means to train ... build the tools in your toolbox, and have more than one! Train your MIND! Know the signs of an impending assault, and act accordingly!
Know how to AVOID a violent encounter! There are many ways to avoid getting into a situation in which you don't want to be.
TRAIN! The time to learn how to defend yourself isn't when you need to. Do it on your own terms. A domestic abuser, violent criminal, or even an individual impaired by drugs or alcohol picks the time, the place, and the why. Train on YOUR terms ... NOT THEIRS!
ACCEPT! Whatever tool or tools you use, know how to use them, and understand that you MAY need to use force, even deadly force to defend your LIFE. A gun or a knife is a useless piece of metal and plastic if you don't have the mindset that goes with deploying it when you NEED it.


The easiest, simplest and most passive way of not becoming a victim is to avoid the situation entirely. The sooner you recognize that something bad *MIGHT* happen, the better chance you stand of not letting it happen. The key is to accept the fact that something MIGHT happen, and act accordingly as quickly as possible. From personal experience, I can easily say that I have avoided many potentially bad situations just by recognizing and avoiding them.


OK ... if you got to this point it's game on. You HAVE the tools .. use them! DON'T BECOME A VICTIM! There are many tools you can deploy. Maybe, it's just your wits .. give the bad guy what he wants, but always, ALWAYS maintain control. Just don't let him know it... yet. Might be your hands, your feet, a set of car keys... a pen ... a light... a blade, or a pistol. Whatever your choice, know how to use it, and train to use it well.

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